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 Curvy style guide

photo submission 

 i'd love to feature you! here's how that works. 


Have a cute outfit that you want to submit to Curvy Style Guide? I'd LOVE to feature it! Send me a pic with a recently purchased outfit (remember, other CSG followers are gonna want to buy it, so we want to make sure it's available!)


When you submit your photo, double check to make sure there's nothing awkward you wouldn't want shared online (like undies on the floor!) and that your outfit is in good shape (stains and a TON of wrinkles can throw off the vibe!) 


Make sure to send me where you got every piece in your outfit (from shoes to clothing to accessories like sunglasses!) If you're comfortable, please send your height & sizes so other women can tell if what you're wearing will work for them. And don't forget to send your Instagram handle so I can tag you (and the handle of your photographer if there's one you'd like tagged!)

Having trouble with the form below? Try it at this link.

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