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Celebrate That 30 Day Win

Content Warning: This Post Contains Discussion About Weight Loss In Relation To Health

It doesn’t feel like there’s much to celebrate when you look at the bigger picture of the world right now, but I’m gonna start focusing on what *I* can control and celebrate my small wins.

And last week, I hit 30 days of totally clean eating with ZERO added sugar and 40 days of no alcohol (and yes, I’m celebrating that with champagne, LOL.)

This was my first big step to getting on a healthy journey to improve, well, my health. I felt like crap every day. My joints hurt. My mood was always in the toilet. I was exhausted ALL. THE. TIME.

Simply put: it's time to focus on my health. This isn't a looks thing (although it would be a silver lining to not have to buy my entire wardrobe again post-partum, but that's just a normal life thing I might have to deal with), but it's a health thing.

Without going into the nitty gritty, it's been a conversation between me and a couple of my doctors about making my health better, and on my end, while I'm still young, I'm not so young that I can ignore my health and put it on the back burner. And I I'm ready to feel better - my body HURT in the mornings. It HURT when I squat down to talk to talk to my daughter. It HURT getting up from playing with her. I was always exhausted. So, I've got a goal: work on my health, starting with food and sleep.

30 days later, I have more sustained energy (important when you have an active one-year-old at home), my body doesn’t hurt the way it did before, I have better mental clarity, my mood has improved and while I’m still tired (see the aforementioned kiddo), I don’t feel like I want to crawl into bed and sleep all afternoon and the thought of making dinner at the end of the day doesn’t DESTROY me (sounds dramatic, but my level of sheer exhaustion was intense. It’s like I could feel my energy physically drain with every task and it wouldn’t ever refill. Tasks at the end of the day just felt hopeless.)

It sucked in the beginning, but I’m glad I did it. I had a weekend celebrating, and now I’m back to trying another 30 days because I’m feeling better than I have in ages. I have an inkling this period will be harder since the newness has worn off, and I’m hoping to incorporate more movement. I just want to concentrate on my goals: health, energy, and feeling GOOD.

I've also been working on really getting enough sleep. I haven't been perfect, and this past week I've been downright abominable, and let me tell you when I say I notice a DIFFERENCE. Food is fuel, but so is sleep, and the affect that getting enough sleep has had on my mental health is noticeable, y'all. I know all the experts say that getting enough sleep is important, but I've always treated it like a back burner priority until I consistently don't get enough, then it seems like a luxury. By making it a priority, little things that go wrong don't seem so catastrophic any more and my ability to handle stress has improved. Things that might have set me off or upset me roll off my back more quickly and that's a BIG thing for me in the middle of a Pandemic where I feel stress every dang day.

Is it the sleep alone? No, but it's a combination of better sleep, better fuel (food), and professional therapy (your mental health is part of your health, y'all!).

You gotta start somewhere, but the key for me is finding that somewhere that’s SUSTAINABLE and balanced. No more mentally harmful diets or crashes. Just...balance. And remember, when the big picture looks bleak, celebrate your small wins so you have the motivation to keep going.

That’s the goal, at least. 🍎 🍕 🥂

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