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  • Cassie Young

Stretch Marks Are Just Organic Tattoos

It was really important to me to post a real, raw photo of a baby bump. One that shows the reality of something so many women try to avoid: the stretch mark. We’re sent messages that we’re *supposed* to try to avoid them and hide them, but they actually should be celebrated. Let’s normalize them.

Now, it took me a hot minute to come to terms with the stretch marks I got when I went to college and gained weight - even after they had faded to silvery white. I felt like they marred my stomach, like they were a scarlet letter, a badge of shame (ps. they’re not). And when it came to a baby bump, I thought because I already had them, my skin had already stretched and I’d escape them...but NOPE. And there’s no magical combo of cocoa butter that will totally prevent them - that’s a myth.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little chagrined when the angry red claw marks appeared across my

stomach. Even though they’re normal & happen to SO many women, so many places push that “flawless” body mentality that it’s hard to shake. I knew I’d deal, but some old insecurities started to rear their ugly heads.

But here’s what I love: @judy_davis37 popped into my comments after my last bump post and called them her “unofficial tattoo.” This changed my entire perspective! We get tattoos to commemorate the most important times in our lives, things we want to remember, the things that are important. And what a beautiful way to look at stretch marks: I’m going to label them as the natural tattoos that I’ll have to remind me of one of the most incredible things my body had ever done. So instead of waiting them to hurry up and fade, I’m proud of these tats because they’re commemorating a huge life change - one I’m gonna want to always remember.

So every day these get darker and longer, and I say cheers to you, stretch marks, and all that you represent. I’m glad you’re here. And I’m not gonna be ashamed of you. ♥️

Ps. if your stretch marks aren’t pregnancy related, you STILL SHOULDN’T feel ashamed. How amazing is your body that it can adapt?! Tell it THANKS!

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