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Breastfeeding Is A Full Time Job

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Did you know that a conservative estimate has moms who breastfeed feeding for 1800 hours a year? A full time job is 1,960 hours. Yep, it’s a full time job on top of a job. For me, I did it for just over a year of my daughter's life: 4-5 times a day (minimum) for 376 days. Over 1800 hours.

This bottle is reserved for special occasions, but tonight’s a little different. It’s a bittersweet celebration.

We picked it up from Banff on our Honeymoon - almost exactly two years ago - and I’m definitely using on this to numb the cries coming from baby girl’s room - and maybe a few from myself - because tonight’s the first night my daughter is no longer nursing.

It’s been a journey of over a year and I know it’s the right time for us to wrap that chapter, but it’s an emotional growing pain I just don’t want to deal with but know I’ll have to at some point. It’s almost like I’m giving up a part of my identity as a mom. It’s weird but also a step toward that calibration of finding a new normal and a balance of me as mama vs me as me.

So tonight I cheers to the end of one beautiful chapter and to the start of a new one that’s a lot more flexible. 🍸 🍼

Cheers to all the mamas out there with that daily fresh milk game. Here’s to the late nights,

early mornings, the times locked in an office at work or wherever you happened to be (like in the back storage bar area of a venue for me) so you can keep the supply up, the times you spent looking for a spot where you can be hidden when you started feeding to realizing you can just #dropthecover and feed on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

And to the mamas who bottle feed or use other methods of feeding like tubes - I see you being the best moms, too. What you do is equally as important and is also taxing. Hats off to you, as well.

Ps. you can find more about the Maple Rye from Park Distillery here and the Liquid Gold tank is from The Little Milk Bar!

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