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Why I'm Not Sharing Photos Of My Daughter

Black and white photo of Cassie in between her husband and her daughter. Cassie is looking at the camera, her husband is looking at her, and their baby - whose face is away from the camera - is also looking at Cassie.

A few people have asked why I'm not showing my baby's face publicly on social media and it came up today on the radio show that I'm a part of, so I thought I’d fill y’all in.

I don't judge parents who post pics AT ALL (every parent’s journey is different) and I love seeing people happy with their kids - but for me, as much as I share on social, it's just gut instinct to NOT share her face. I chose to be public. She didn't.

The internet is her permanent record and I just want to keep hers private for now. She’s this special little unmarred bundle who no one can judge because they’ve never seen her, and that feels sacred. Right now, this just feels like the right move to make.

Who knows, maybe eventually I'll change my mind...we'll feel it out as we go.

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