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  • Cassie Young

You Deserve To Ditch The Diets For Good

Content Warning: this post contains discussion of diet culture and body image issues.

I remember when I took this photo a few years ago - after weeks of dance lessons because I was training for a dance competition fundraiser - I was proud of how I looked. I had come so far in my health journey over the years, constantly fighting my negative body thoughts, but despite the progress...I still thought I was fat. Looking at it now, I want to smack myself upside the head. Looking at it now, I see someone happy and healthy and f*ing loving life.

I want to share this now - a few years and probably 50 pounds later - because I’ve been through the body hating rollercoaster. Then the diet rollercoaster. Then the “I love me for my body but I’m also going to improve” rollercoaster. Now I’m on the right track...finally. The “eat to feel better and give my body what it needs and f*ck how that makes me look” rollercoaster.

As whatever resolution you made starts to waver and you’re not sure about your super restrictive diet, I want you to know you can say fuck. that. diet. There’s a difference between becoming a healthier you & limiting foods in order to lose weight because of the driving force of looks. Chasing health is one thing. Obsessing over weight is something entirely different.

I’m here to tell you that you’re worth it, no matter your weight. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to say “eff that noise” to restrictive eating. I’m also here to cheer you on as you make healthier goals - an extra walk, more veggies, more water, more sleep, a healthy recipe, squats while you heat up your lunch, whatever health looks like to you. I’m here to tell you that look at food as not something to be cut out or off limits, but look at it for what it can give you. Vitamins. Energy. Happiness. Don’t feel guilty for a single thing. You can be healthy without stressing over every single bite, the number on the scale, how many calories you burned.

There’s a big anti-diet movement happening right now & some great voices behind it - voices with degrees that have lots of letters. Follow them. Hear what they have to say. Change the way you look at health and food and happiness. Don’t let it be a ball and chain that you have to be tethered to your entire life.

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